KBSD Cut Out Active Top


If I take count, I’ve now tested 5 patterns for Koerb’s Bros. Stitch Designs (KBSD, affiliate links throughout), but I’ve never blogged about any of them, and that makes me feel terrible. Here’s a quick gallery of what I’ve done:

  1. All Wrapped Up top: Great basic wrap top and dress that fits well and has a couple of nice options. I am a firm believer that wrap dresses are nearly universally flattering, and I wear my skull shirt frequently!WrappedUp2
  2. Siren Trousers: These were right up my alley! I call them my Katherine Hepburn pants because they fit perfectly at the top, then fall into a gorgeous vintage-style wide leg. Plus my final version was red, and that just makes me happy. PSsirentrousers032-1.jpgSONY DSC
  3. On Point Penley: This was a beast to test! All the testers made multiple versions to get the sizing, grading, and options just right. Polo, henley, multiple sleeves and hems, and this is my go-to shirt pattern for something that’s basic without being boring.SONY DSC
  4. Bayside Bateau Cropped Sweater: I even helped name this one! Because it totally reminds me of something Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie would have worn at Bayside High. With two different lengths, it’s a cute and comfortable top layer- that business-in-front, party-in-back neckline makes me so happy (the back is a deep scoop). I made a couple, but never got good pictures due to an untimely flu event 😦
  5. Cut Out Active Top: Just recently wrapped up testing, and is being released in time to help you look amazing while hitting your fitness resolutions. On sale through 1/24/16 through the link above; if you prefer Etsy, use code”strong25″. 12552567_10208121436137955_2146716140204318921_n

So, here’s the deal with this top- it’s super cute, and very versatile. I made 2 using 95/5 cotton lycra, and one using Supplex from Zenith & Quasar. That supplex demands a whole post of it’s own, but I have a total girlcrush on Lilly who runs Z&Q and would give her all my money if I actually had some to give away. The final version I’m showing here is a cotton lycra front with a mid-weight rib knit in the back. The rib knit was not ideal- it stretches well, but doesn’t recover as well, but I am running out of solids and fighting with the post office over a missing shipment to replenish my supplies.

Your options with this top are: tank, short, mid, or long sleeves, shirt or tunic hem-length. When you  make it, you will need to baste together your shoulder and side seams to check fit before final assembly. I needed to shorten my front shoulder strap by 1/2″ and lower the armscye by 1″ in order to get the fit perfect. For a shirt like this, those fit adjustments are normal and expected. I have narrow shoulders but a relatively large bust- those straps are going to sit very differently on my frame than they would on someone who powerlifts.

I put this top through a 45-minute pilates session and a few pathetic attempts at pull-ups and it held up beautifully! I can’t wait to make a few more to round out my workout gear.


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