DoodleNumber5 is dedicated to my twin passions of vintage-inspired style and home sewing. You’ll find tips for incorporating timeless fashion and accessories into your everyday life, as well as some tutorials on how to make a few things on your own. This also supports my Etsy shop where you can browse things that I have made, inspired by the Golden Age of cinema. Additionally, I’ll report here on all of my sewing projects for myself and my family, both vintage and contemporary. Thank you for visiting!

I’m a 30ish woman with a serious obsession for vintage style. I love to sew, and I’m slowly building my collection of vintage patterns. I get my inspiration for sewing from a number of sources including vintage movies of all genres, magazines, blogs, and the seasonal runway shows. I lean towards classic, timeless style, but my personal style evolves a little more each day. My personal goal is to wear at least one homemade item every day.

I am an intermediate-advanced seamstress- I successfully mash up patterns and can manage just about any sewing task if it comes with instructions.  In addition to my fabric piles, I also have a fairly extensive library on sewing techniques, historical styles, and fabric properties/ manipulation. Some of my very favorite books are listed in the right sidebar- and that list is constantly subject to change, depending on my mood and current obsession. My life’s motto is that everyone should know everything about something, and something about everything, so in that vein, I am always trying on new hobbies; this year I’m committing to using every specialized presser foot I own, and making all my own piping and bias tape.

So why DoodleNumber5? Doodle is a favorite nickname of mine, and I am the youngest of five daughters. If I wasn’t being called by my actual name, or “hey you”, chances were, I was referred to by number. I love being number 5!

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