Connecting Through Sewing

First things first, all photography credits in this post go to Fotogal Marj Dee (on Instagram – I met her on Craigslist, and I think awesome things are going to be happening here soon!

One of my major struggles this past year has been mastering the art of the tripod selfie to get good pictures of the patterns I test. I lost access to a regular photographer, then connected with a friend for a few months  to get some good pictures (Greenstyle Sundance Jacket, Winter Wear Designs Bateau Garden Dress, my Holiday Outfit). Then she moved away to go back to school. In the meantime, I really have been trying to get better on my own, and did OK with my KBSD Cutout Active TankKBSD Cutout Active Tank, and all 9 million t-shirts for the Wardrobe Builder Tee. But still, I’m not a pro and it shows. My best selfie set-up now is a corner in my guest bedroom with a green screen hung up, my Sony a330 on a tripod, and me running back and forth to set the timer on the shutter. It’s exhausting, and only gets so-so results.

Finally, I put an ad up on craigslist looking for someone who would be willing to collaborate with me, basically looking for a barter. The ad was up for maybe 3 hours before it got taken down for some reason, but that was a golden window, and I was fortunate to connect with Marj Dee. I’m looking forward to some really great collaborations with her in the coming months, including better locations,clearer overall vision for what I’m trying to accomplish, and also giving her access to a model and props to mess around with. We met up 30Jan15 in Thousand Oaks to get to know each other, shoot this outfit, and generally play around a bit.

Where are we: Thousand Oaks Library, Thousand Oaks, CA in a shady wooded area

When are we: About 9:30am (good morning light, not too crazy shadows)

What am I wearing: Both pieces by Wardrobe By Me Wardrobe Builder Tee (boatneck, short sleeves, mid-length, no ruching) in a yard-dyed striped knit; Haute Skinny Capris in a dark red ponte de roma. The real magic though is in the corset! It doesn’t change my size much (I’ve triple checked my before and after measurements) though it does drop my natural waistline down about an inch. What it DOES do is smooth out my curves and eliminate any possibility of muffin top while I’m shifting around. It’s a boned corset with a metal front busk, and I love it- I consider it a must-have for any pictures.

What’s she shooting: No idea, but it involved an off-camera flash with a collapsible umbrella. I loved watching her work to figure out exposure, composition, etc.

What’s so great about a real photographer: Well, the pictures speak for themselves. It definitely helps to have someone to remind you how to hold your pose, straighten your stripes, generally direct the shoot, and master all the post as well. This is hard to do with a Party of One. Also, Marj immediately got a good feel for who I am and what my Look is- I think she did a fantastic job capturing the vintage-inspired femme I want to be.




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