Happy Birthday KBSD!

I am so happy to have been invited to participate in Koerb’s Bros. Stitch Designs’ anniversary celebration blog tour! It’s hard to believe that Stephanie Kay has only been working her magic for a year when she has 20 released patterns and least one or two (or more?) in the works. Use coupon code “firstbirthday” on the website (affiliate link) and it will be good for 35% off through 2/14/16, and go HERE to get yourself entered into a fabulous give-away! Also, be sure to visit Stephanie’s page to see all of the other entries including patterns for ladies, kids, and men!

I did a fairly shallow round-up of the 5 ladies’ patterns that I have tested for Stephanie here, but wanted to take the time for a more in-depth review of the Siren Trousers (affiliate link). These need a little more love because wide-leg trousers are coming back in a big way. It’s OK if you don’t believe me, but you should definitely believe Ken Downing, Neiman Marcus Fashion Director, who named the Trophy Trouser as the top of Seven trends for Spring/ Summer 2016. Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen does not disappoint:


Photo: Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images


Meanwhile, I made a new years resolution in 2010 to tackle pants- and it only took me 5 years to get there. The Siren Trousers are, in fact, my first pants that I have ever made for myself. During testing I made 2 muslins (both shorts-length out of respect for my fabric hoard) to work out the kinks in the pattern and identify the personal alterations I would need to make for myself. Turns out, I just needed my normal petite adjustments. I took 1 1/2″ out of the rise and 1/2″ off the height of the waistband, and I love how they sit on me. I won’t post pictures of my muslin because, vanity. My torso is SO short that anything remotely high-waist sits directly under my bust. Without lowering the rise, I had some true granny pants going on here. The pattern includes a lot of tips and instructions to help you find your perfect fit around the curves and rise with additional help here.

Here are the rest of the details:

Size range: 00-22 (w 24/h 34.5 – w 41.5/h 51.5)

Fabric: bottom-weight woven with some stretch in 1 direction. Stretch sateen works, I used a stretch suiting (you need the stretch to hug your bottom nicely)

Closure: 11″ size zip (nice and easy in case you are also terrified of fly closures)

Design features: snug through the rear, then straight down from the hip. Center-front seam down each leg for a permanent crease; set-in pockets. No rear pockets though there is a tutorial available to add welt pockets. Mid/ high rise with a nice waistband for fit and comfort.

Options: 3″ inseam shorts, 11″ inseam shorts, 33″ inseam pants




3 responses to “Happy Birthday KBSD!

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE these! You look fabulous!!! And, it’s totally a great idea to make them shorts length so that you can work out the kinks.

    Nice work!!!

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  3. Your legs look so long! I would never guess that you are petite (short, I am 5’2″ I can say the s word lol) these pants look like a perfect fit and are very flattering, great sewing!

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