Jadyn Party Pajamas by Elliedactyl

Recently I’ve really been drawn to patterns for James that feature unique color blocking options- they feel modern to me, and they are a great opportunity to show off fabric and coordinates. I confess, once again, to being a fabric hoarder, and this past year I’ve gotten sucked into the world of custom knits. They are a far cry from the cheap knits I taught myself on- yes, they are pricey, but the stretch, recovery, feel, uniqueness, and vibrancy of the designs have been worth the leap to $20+ / yard. I’m judicious about what I buy- only enough to make 1 or 2 pieces, only designs that I am totally in love with, and only from groups that I know well enough to trust. If you’re interested in learning more about custom knits, what they are, and how to get your hands on some, let me know. You’ll be seeing lots more custom knits in future posts from me.


Up today are the Jadyn Party Pajamas newly released by Elliedactyl. Here are the details:

  • Use code “PillowFight” for 20% off your total purchase until Sunday 1/31/16 Midnight EST. You’ll download 2 separate files- 1 is the pattern, 1 is the tutorial; other patterns may be zip files
  • Sizing for newborn – 12, all sizes nested for easy blending as needed
  • Layers! Print only what you need
  • Pattern includes both measurements and pieces for cuffs and bands- you can choose to print those pages or not
  • 1/4″ seam allowance
  • Pattern includes shirt and pants
  • Wrap-around blocking options for sleeves, bodice and pants. The color blocking is optional and mix-and-match, so you can do as little or as much as you want
  • Knit waistband on shirt and pants that is both snug and comfortable for sleepwear
  • Slim fit that is appropriate for sleepwear
  • But seriously, these are cool enough to wear all day long!

I found these to be a relatively quick sew- I can knock out a set (with all the blocking options) in about 3 hours from print to final assembly. Over the course of the testing, I made three pairs, and assembly on all of them was pretty easy. If you choose to do the color blocking, all of the pieces include notches to help you line things up. Sewing around the curves on the sleeves and legs can be tricky, so pin well and take your time. If you opt for all solid pieces, this will come together very quickly! I did all my major assembly on my serger, and used my sewing machine only for topstitching around the blocking.

1st Pair: Yarn-dyed stripes from Dark Matter Fabric; Itsy Bitsy Spider from Hot Cakes Fabric (no longer operating- you can probably find some on a destash page). I didn’t get really great pics of this set because they went immediately with him to his Dad’s house, but I love how sunny the stripes look here!



2nd Pair: Galaxy print from PurpleSeamstressFabric (not a custom- you can also buy directly from her website, but you’ll see more fabric on the facebook page I linked); stripes from Michael Levine’s Loft in downtown Los Angeles; stars from LDG Showroom. The stripes are a lightweight 2-way stretch and that definitely affected fit. I recommend using a 4-way stretch for all pieces, especially the bands, and making sure the weight of your fabric is approximately the same. See that gorgeous quilt in the background? My amazing sister Heather made it for James! She is so talented, and so tempting me to try my hand at quilting.



3rd Pair: Doodle Army from Fabric Stache (Jackie’s side); scales from Peekaboo, stripes from PurpleSeamstress (linked above). I am SO glad I took a chance on getting all these prints to mix! This is one of my personal challenges for this year- to make less boring things, both for myself and for James. I am totally in love with these, and a little sad that I also promised to send these to his dad’s house. I may have to make another pair…


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