Summertime and the Livin’s Easy

How many blog posts can I write with my butt or boobs as the headline image? That may be my new personal challenge! Thank you again to Marj Dee, , for her photography time and talents!

I was true to my word on my last post and I actually took a small break from testing. Not to say I haven’t been busy- I have been sewing up a storm with my 15 yards of strike-offs from Piccadilly’s  Disco Girls and Diagonal Stripes round.Seriously, I’ve been a sewing maniac with these gorgeous knits and I’m down to scraps on most of them. I can’t wait for my big order to come in so I can get going again.


Christina from Wardrobe By Me gave me a heads-up that she had some shorts in the pipeline, and I knew I needed in on that. I live just outside Los Angeles and summer has hit us hard here. I only have 2 pairs of shorts. One pair I bought in desperation at the end of last summer, and one pair of ratty jeans that I cut off in desperation during a heatwave in May. And, to be honest, it has been years since I was comfortable wearing shorts above my knees, mostly for religious reasons. This summer I’m reclaiming my thighs along with the rest of my body (see also- bikini, tattoos, etc).

So, here’s the nitty gritty on the Frida Flat Front Shorts pattern:

Release sale info: Use code “summer shorts” for 30% off your purchase- this applies for the Frida Shorts (including additional markdown!) and summer tops- Daisy, Carma, Wardrobe Builder Tee, Savannah, and Piper BoHo. You can view the full summer collection HERE.

Layers? Yes
No-trim pages? Yes
Measurements for bands Yes/ no – pattern include a template for width and a table for length for the bias binding for the waistband. You can also use 1/2″ double-fold bias tape rather than making your own
Print chart N/A – you need it all
Sizes 0-16 (waist 23-35; hip 33-45). Determine size by hip, then grade for waist
Lengths Short, mid-thigh, Bermuda
Finishing All raw edges finished; understitching, topstitching and bar-tack instructions included; hem raw edge tucked under
Pattern details Finished measurements included so it’s easy to lengthen or shorten the rise and pick the correct waistband to go with your new placement. Pockets have facing; drafting and grading is top-notch.
Fabrics Woven with 3-5% spandex/ lycra. Some testers used fabric with less stretch, and it was best to go up one size. Determine ease using finished measurements.

These pictures are NOT from the final version of the pattern- there were some minor adjustments to the rise, seat seam curve, hem, and pockets/ facings. This pair is a size 8, and since I lowered the front rise by 1 1/2″, the waistband is a size 12 (back rise lowered by 1/2″). However, with the final version of the pattern I should be good with just a straight size 8 to get a similar fit. I’m hoping to get another pair or 2 made up soon.

My favorite things about this pattern are:

  • Zip Fly- my first ever! The instructions were easy to follow for a beautiful, functional zip fly
  • Pocket facings – these are such a clean, professional detail. Both pocket bag pieces are faced, but the bags themselves can be in a lighter non-stretch fabric for less bulk. The bags are shaped to give extra room across the thigh to account for non-stretch.
  • Curved front hem and beautifully shaped waistband (by the way, you need to subscribe to the blog linked below. I have learned so much from her)

There’s a saying in pattern-drafting that “A straight line on the body is a curved line on the pattern, and a curved line on the body is a straight line on the pattern” – Janet, from 





The creases across the hip and the whiskering in the front here were resolved in the final pattern update.

I am also wearing the Daisy Drop Shoulder Tee, which is one of many summer-appropriate top patterns in Christina’s summer collection. The pattern works well with knits and wovens as long as they drape well.

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