Wardrobe By Me Swimwear Trio

It’s HERE!! I made one one-piece and 2 and a half bikinis (2 bottoms, 3 tops) in an effort to master the bare minimum of knowledge to put together something wearable. I also made the kimono and I LOVE it!  Lessons learned?

  • Power mesh is WONDERFUL
  • But power mesh is also not for all the time, all the places. For instance- no good on bra cups if you’re trying to fit DDDs into a C-D cup. Also no good on low-rise bikini bottoms

Powermesh in the cups doesn’t let the swim knit “embrace” your curves. It’s more of a corralling and smushing.  No good for the hips either, no pics necessary

  • Swim elastic is also wonderful- easy to work with, and definitely necessary for salt, chlorine, and dealing with how heavy fabric can get when wet
  • When in doubt, add more elastic (pretty much all openings, bands, and straps should be reinforced with elastic)
  • Even when your sewing machine is part cyborg, it still takes practice to master new stitches (3-step zigzag I’m looking at you)
  • I also learned a WHOLE NEW body measurement- vertical trunk. This is what you need to know to be sure that your one-piece is neither too long nor too short.
Layers? Yes
No-trim pages? Yes
Measurements for bands Yes and no – template for width provided with chart for length
Print chart No, but print layout is provided
Sizes 0-16 (bust 30-42; waist 23-35; hip 33-45)
Options Marilyn Bikini: A-B or C-D cup; high or low waist bottom; elastic or leg bands

Rita Swimsuit: A-B or C-D cup; high or low cut legs; elastic or leg bands; tankini top

Norma Jean Kimono: Optional seam binding finish; pockets

Finishing Swim elastic around bodice cups; interiors reinforced with clear elastic; optional leg bands
Pattern details Sizing help including vertical trunk instructions for the one-piece. I’m 30DDD and the C-D cups worked just fine for me when I DIDN’T put power mesh in the cups.
Fabrics Swimsuits: Nylon-based swim knit, swim lining or self lining; power mesh optional based on personal fit and preference.

OPTIONAL: the bikini bottoms make awesomely comfy undies. I experimented with 95/5 cotton lycra and I loved the fit for every day wear. I also have a cotton lycra tankini/ tank in the works, but it’s not done yet

Kimono: anything with reasonably good drape. I used a sturdy crochet-lace; other testers used chiffon, woven cotton, satin, etc. I’m going to make another one in a super soft knit for wearing around the house.

Marj Dee, @fotog.gal, did great work once again understanding my vision and making me look 1000x better than I hoped! I am mostly un-photoshopped here, though I’ll cop to some color correction and removing some beach debris and a sidewalk from going through my head. Otherwise, this is my body, and it is bikini-ready (see previous post)





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