Swimwear Capsule Sewing

hot in here

I have some seriously awesome things planned for this summer! I briefly mentioned it earlier, but one thing that I’m really looking forward to is my backpacking trip to Havasupai with friends this month. My group of 9 is taking 5 days to hike down, backpack, cavort in waterfalls, trek along rivers, and hike (or helicopter) out again to this remote location in Arizona. This is a bucket-list item for me (and I really don’t have all that many) and I am so excited to have been invited along. To get an idea of the popularity, the max capacity is about 250 campers each day, and the entire 2017 season sold out in a day. I can’t wait to come back and share pictures of my own.

I’ve been doing plenty of preparation for the trek including targeted exercises and training hikes, and of course I am doing some sewing as well. My goal is to do the hike in 100% handmade clothes excluding socks. I have a mini-capsule planned and about 1/2 executed – I will probably pare this down some more in the true spirit of backpacking. Since the theme of the month is Hot in Herre, I’m going to show off my swim capsule with a BONUS swim wrap. Here’s my full backpacking capsule plan, which attempts to accommodate temps ranging from 45-85° F for 4 1/2 days of backpacking, hiking, and water frolicking:

Chi-town Chinos: surplus multicam Lille tank: Botanist ABP (done!) 5 pairs She-wee friendly Luckies (1/2 done!) Daybreak Rashguard (done!)
Chi-town Chinos: surplus navy digicam Riviera Raglan: Map ABP (done!) 1-2 X-Factor bras Sarah Longline Bra, modified (cut but not sewn)
Joggers or leggings – probably leggings Riviera Hoodie: FAF, teal ABP X-Factor Bikini Top (done!)
Lille tank: Teal underarmour  Buff (ABP) Marilyn Bottoms (done!)
V-Hot Pants Cheekies (done!)
 Swim wrap (done!)
Unicorns and stripes from Zenith and Quasar; Turquoise solid from Michael Levine’s; Lining and swim elastic from Sew Sassy
Sarah Longline top by OhhhLulu


Modified band to accommodate enclosed elastic; fabric binding with enclosed elastic around all edges; cup slightly sized up to accommodate swim cups. Powermesh on back upper band only. I have this cut but not sewn – hoping I can finish it up in time.
X-Factor Bra by 5 Out of 4 Patterns (affiliate link) Powermesh on front and back (not on X); fabric binding all around; 3/4 elastic enclosed in bottom band; 3/4″ length trimmed off main bra
Marilyn Bottoms by Wardrobe By Me (affiliate link) Top band widened to enclose 3/4″ elastic, leg bands widened a smidge
V-Hot Pants by KBSD (affiliate link) My current pattern obsession – high rise on the shorties, low rise waistband; enclosed elastic at waistband and leg openings; fully lined. And POCKETS
Daybreak Rashguard by George and Ginger Midi-length, no mods

I thought it would be helpful to highlight the structure that I used for each of these. I’m definitely not a swimsuit expert, but I got some wins and losses when testing the Marilyn Bikini set last year – mostly that powermesh is indeed powerful, and doesn’t belong everywhere. Where it adds control, it also gives you muffins. What I’ve ended up with is a very flexible and mixable swim capsule where I can be as covered or not as I want. Every piece fits me comfortably, and these are all absolutely functional to wear hiking, crossing streams, and swimming.

Daybreak + V Hot Pants (Cheekies)

Daybreak Rashguard + V Hot Pants. The rashguard is a couple inches too long, or a bit too loose- I’ll need to make some adjustments for my next one. But I totally nailed that lapped neckline

Daybreak + Marilyn Bikini Bottoms

Daybreak + Marilyn Bikini Bottoms The Marilyn bottoms fit as perfectly as I remember from last year – I love the stripes on the side panels

X-Factor + V Hot Pants

X-Factor + V Hot Pants This is definitely the most functional pairing – the pockets on these hot pants are small, but I think they’ll make everyone jealous- and that’s really the point isn’t it? And this bikini top fits like a sports bra which I love

X-Factor + Marilyn

X-Factor + Marilyn This shows the most skin, and it’s also the most comfortable- I’ve used this bottom pattern for undies and they are 100% wedgie free even during exercise

And now for the BONUS! I wanted a nifty little swim wraps, but also wanted to be smart about how much space it’s going to take in my pack. I picked up a decent-sized microfiber towel, trimmed a bit away from 2 corners and the center leaving the edges intact using this pin (those are cms, not inches) as a guide. Super easy, very handy, very packable. The microfiber doesn’t have any stretch, and the surface is nubby enough that it sticks to itself. I’m definitely planning on making another when I’m can focus more on looks rather than packability. I have some really soft French terry that should be plenty absorbant and drapey. I’ll also make the wrap itself bigger by at least 12″ in both directions. At this size, the center hole was completely useless.

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4 responses to “Swimwear Capsule Sewing

  1. A swim capsule is a great idea. I love your swim wrap. I may duplicate this for my girls since they’re doing swim classes this year.

  2. Linds, these are so gorgeous! I think the teal with the black and white stripes and the print are what make this mix so striking. Your hiking bucketlist capsule is pretty great too btw.

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