One Thimble Issue 11: Upton Sweatshirt by Momma Quail

I feel super special that I got to test not one but TWO patterns featured in the latest One Thimble (affiliate link). I have purchased a couple of past issues and individual patterns here and there- I like the format and styling, and it’s a neat way to learn about different designers. This time around I worked with Amy MacDonald (IG @littlelady_amy) of Momma Quail Patterns and Friends Stitched Together to test the Upton Sweatshirt. Amy’s patterns walk the line between incredibly utilitarian and RTW with modern styling and details. They are labor intensive because of the great finishing, but her instructions are superb. Even with half-written instructions early in testing I was able to put together a stellar muslin. The finished pattern is excellent!

Pattern Details:

  • Sizing from 12M to 14
  • Designed for sturdy non-stretch fabrics like sweatshirt fleece, but for the smaller sizes (12m-2 or 3) you’ll need some stretch to get the neck opening over the head. My sweatshirt fleece has about 30% stretch in one direction and that was enough
  • Unique asymmetrical shoulder zip detail with zipper facing to protect the skin
  • Lined high collar with optional button or snap detailing
  • Welt openings to a single hidden kangaroo pocket
  • Beautiful finishing including top-stitching galore, and a neat bar-tack to hold the zipper facing end down (seen at about 10:00 above the compass there)


My version:

  • 18m size in grey stretch sweatshirt fleece from PurpleSeamstress. I muslined a version using non-stretch sweatshirt fleece from JoAnn’s and I could BARELY get it over his head. The stretch was definitely preferable for this size
  • Collar lining is a thin yarn-died striped knit from Michael Levine’s Loft in downtown Los Angeles. I also used it for the zipper facing, pocket welts, and kangaroo pocket
  • Shoulder appliques are from the Adventure Flags pattern by SwoodsonSays (One Thimble Issue 10, affiliate link). I used Heat-n-Bond Lite, scrap fabric, and regular applique topstitching

I really love the applique details from the Adventure Flags pattern.


The high collar can be left open and folded down to show off a contrasting fabric


I tested the Adventure Flags pattern as well, but never had a chance to write it up. These are some of the other really great designs.


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