A Whole New World

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since my last post! What a slacker I’ve been. The problem, I fear, is that I have very few snarky comments for the fall/winter 2010-2011 season. Did you see the bustiers that Mark Jacobs put together for Louis Vuitton? Amazing! Especially with those housewifey full skirts. And then the lingerie love at Dolce & Gabbana- not like that is anything new- was particularly gorgeous this season, even if the Madonna ads were a bit overwhelming. All in all, though, I have been more inspired than irritated, and thus the silence.

So, in response, I’ve decided to take this thing in a new direction. While I am sure I will still be incensed by the occasional periodical – that Katie Holmes Elle is begging for some constructive criticism I’ve decided to devote this blog to my more personal pursuits. You have probably already divined that I am a bit fashion-obsessed. I would categorize my devotion to fashion somewhere between that of the average woman and, say, Rachel Zoe. Part of the manifestation of that obsession is that I love, love, love to sew. And I have some new goals for the coming year.

1. I’m attempting to imbue more personality into the pieces I sew. In that vein, my goal is to incorporate some vintage-inspired detail into everything I sew this year.

2. While I would love to sew gorgeous, but frivolous things all the livelong day, such a thing is wasteful. Therefore, my goal is to sew mostly useful pieces that can fit neatly into the various niches of my life: work, home, church, or weekends out. Note, I attend very few cocktail parties, which means I have limited need for cocktail dresses. Such a shame, since they are the very most fun to sew.

3. I would really, really like to sew at least one piece using mostly couture methods, or as close as I can approximate them. I have Claire Shaeffer and Project Runway as my spiritual guides on this journey.

I’ve already completed two sewing projects this year, neither of which have any special detailing- perhaps I will post them later. One was a simple top, and the other a pencil skirt- both very wearable, neither spectacular. I am now embarking on a third project, and I will definitely post my progress on that.

The other part of my journey this year is the pursuit of inspiration- I’m watching a round of movies- classics, Oscar winners, mid-century sci-fi B movies- all just to see the women’s clothing. I’ve recently watched Attack of the Puppet People, The Great Gatsby, Les Diaboliques, Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, and this very moment I am watching Gilda. I’m planning on posting my lessons learned as I go on as well.

So, with those things to look forward too- I look forward to seeing you around here soon!

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