Nicholas & Alexandra

“A strong man has no need of power, and a weak man is destroyed by it.”

Rasputin: That bastion of morality and good decision-making.

I do not claim to be a film critic or a movie buff, and I openly admit I am currently choosing my movies based on the potential for great hair, clothes, and accessories. For a bit of background, this movie follows much of the reign of Czar Nicholas II- from the birth of his son (the hemophiliac) through the *spoiler alert* execution of the entire family, including the oft discussed Anastasia. While there were some spectacular statement pieces in this film, I was generally underwhelmed- more because I am hoping to get some ideas for my own sewing projects, looking for things I can actually wear or incorporate. And this movie is 183 minutes (that’s over 3 hours for you math whizzes), not including the intermission. Regardless. I do have some few offerings:

Alexandra, grand-daughter to Queen Victoria (yes, that one), has a penchant in the first half of the movie for gigantic fabric flowers at her waist. I think these are great:

Fantastic way to accessorize with enormous fabric flowers

 Early in the movie there is a royal birthday party, which looked exceptionally boring unless one could spend the entire evening staring at the baubles:

Only Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady can beat these jewels.

So, the upshot here is, if you’ve got 3 hours to spend brushing up on your Russian history, and would like to see the most ridiculous hairstyle on a man that’s not Dennis Rodman, you should watch this movie and keep and eye out for Trotsky.

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