W, November 2009 Experienced 27Oct09

When I first started receiving W for free last month I was perplexed about who their target audience might be- the clothes and jewelry are pricier than even Harper’s Bazaar, the photography is more artsy (that is not an insult), and even the advertisements seem to be geared to a slightly older woman. So, I see this as being marketed for my imaginary grandma, who insists on being referred to nothing more offensive than Grandmere, though she prefers a more age-blurring Gigi. She wears at least one Hermes accessory every day, and is never seen outside her home in anything less than a full manicure, salon hair, and 2” heels. Her life’s goal is to prepare her progeny to receive their fabulous inheritances from her in style.

So, that’s Linda Evangelista on the cover in an O de la Renta wool dress, de Beers jewels, holding a duct tape and cardboard sign reading “It must be Somebody’s Fault”. I will say she does a good “concerned” face, but I do not believe she is smiling with her eyes. This is the Art Issue of W, so there is something deep and meaningful about this image… I believe it may be linked to the summed value of her jewelry (no joke) $1,499,000

SQUAWWW Courtesy of Roni Horn’s artwork: Untitled No. 12

I wish my face shape would accommodate rectangular glasses-lenses because I ALWAYS love the ads for Dior eyewear.

Hooray! I am allowed to wear that green nail polish I have been eyeing for three months now at the nail salon! According to Nonie Crème, “Green has a very Ralph Lauren-by-the-fireside feel to it. Because it’s anchored in preppiness, it’s not so scary”. Have you ever been scared of green? Fear not- It’s Preppy!

Interestingly enough, W has a suggested Holiday gift list for giving, and most are more or less reasonably priced in the $14-60 range. I guess Gigi’s been put on a budget by her financial advisor

If you are a photographer, W is seeking entries to their contest for “camera work that depicts the concept of obsession”

Have I mentioned that Galliano can dress me anytime, anywhere? Let’s just reiterate that I love all things Dior

There is a series of cartoons by Robert Crumb titled “Varieties of Women” based on historical accounts and also modern media images. I believe my favorite are the 4 portraits of inmates of the Surrey Country Lunatic asylum, one of whom is “barely containing the urge to kick the photographer in the balls!”. I know the feeling.

The final page of W offers an editorial penned by some woman calling herself the Countess deploring clunkiness. Huh. She ranges from pop culture, sports, politics, and the economy, informing us “It’s all a mess”. Apparently because we (?) the world (?) the bad guys (?) are clunky.

3 responses to “W, November 2009 Experienced 27Oct09

  1. No, only Linda Evangelista is clunky because of her sign. But I was just wondering what I was going to do in November when I’m not wearing berry polish anymore because I was switching to almost black (after the time change, of course). But Gigi sounds like someone I know — that isn’t me…but …so close. Hmm.

  2. Galliano can dress me anytime, anywhere, too!

    Oh my goodness, I love the cover with Linda Evangelista. In today’s world, even the rich bitches from the Hamptons are compelled to feel concerned. HA!

  3. I can’t decide what exactly is the meaning of that cover- is it ironic because the recession will likely never even touch Evangelista? Is it making fun of her because she’s (or her character for the shoot) is obviously in a position to be proactively helping but she’s just standing around trying to place blame? Is W mocking the Gigi’s of the world, or trying to bring them to sympathize with the rest of America? Who would have thought a W cover could be so thought-provoking?

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