Sewing Up Spring: Papercut Clover

I love being a part of Sewing By Ti’s blog tours – they are such a good kick in the pants to try new things and get them documented! For April, we’re Sewing up Spring, and the timing is perfect. Make sure you check out the other bloggers and get inspired.

I am not typically a procrastinator, but I’m going to confess that I left this project until almost the very last minute. After the last few very satisfying projects (LN Olympia, WBM Blixen, and LN Mash-up) I took a mini mental vacation, and focused on sewing up some Smoogie strike-offs (find them on my Insta). I knew this tour date was looming, but I kept telling myself, you can take care of this over the weekend… then the next weekend… then suddenly it’s Monday night and I have to post Wednesday which means taking pictures Tuesday which means sewing Monday! Yikes!

One benefit of my delay is that I was forced to evaluate the pile of patterns I had printed out and identify something that would be seasonal, interesting, and quick; and then evaluate my fabric stash for something that would be seasonal, interesting, and painless to work with. I found the perfect combination with Papercut Patterns’ Clover Dress (don’t be scared of the price – those are New Zealand dollars!), hacked into a tank per FreeNotion’s tutorial. And I found the last yard of this ITY I picked up in DTLA for $3/yd that I have been searching for the right project to use the rest up (sigh, I *still* have 1/2 yd left). I already made a Love Notions La Bella Donna tunic from the ITY and it’s basically like walking around naked – it is SO comfy and easy to wear. As we head into summer in LA, nearly-naked dressing is the very best kind. I especially loved that the V-motif will resonate so nicely with the design of the top. For the top accent, I considered using black, because Dad-the-Cartoonist raised me to believe that everything is better with a bold black outline. But then remembered I have this 2-faced poly from The Loft that has otherwise completely stumped me. There aren’t many projects that allow you to exploit a fabric like this, without resorting to ruffles and flounces, but BOTH colors coordinate beautifully with my ITY. It will be subtle, but by leaving my straps/ ties unfinished, both colors will be visible in the back.


The tank came together really quickly, with the caveat that I hate bias binding and generally avoid it at all costs. For future knit iterations, I will probably figure out the measurement to make a neckband; I’ll just suck it up for wovens, but at least a woven binding will press much cleaner.


The back really is the best part – it’s really flirty and feminine, and super easy to wear. Mega sunburn courtesy of my trip up Mt Lukens a week ago. I’m planning on bagging Mt Wilson this weekend, I’m going to be much more prudent with my sunscreen.  

I will confess that the top isn’t hemmed yet. I wanted to see how I felt about the length when paired with shorts, and I’m still undecided. A 1″ hem would be perfect for letting it hang, but I like how it looks tucked in, and I can’t afford to lose much length if I want to wear it that way. If you’re in a crop top frame of mind, this would make SUCH a cute crop shortened by 4-5″.


I’ll need to make some adjustments to that top insert on my next one – I’d like for it to lay more flat. I used the contrasting side of the poly for the binding.

Quick summary:

  • Excellent scrap buster – you can definitely get this done with less than a yard
  • Satisfying speedy sew – especially if you know a trick for not hating bias binding
  • Works for drapey wovens and knits
  • Really, really comfortable and flattering (just check the length before hemming)
  • I can’t wait to make a swingy dress version!
  • I definitely need to finish up the series of bralettes I started in February so I can pair shirts like this with cute little straps. Because I’m 1000% not going braless 😀

I’m putting together a new indoor shooting set-up, still working out the kinks 🙂 Need to steam the wrinkles out and figure out my lighting, but I’m excited to have something consistent all set up for when deadlines pop up.

Be sure to follow along to be inspired!

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4 responses to “Sewing Up Spring: Papercut Clover

  1. The 2 colored fabric makes me swoon. What a creative way to get use out of both of the great colors.

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