Cicero Jacket by Sofilantjes


That cheeseball grin means he loves it! 

Remember that time when I said I was going to take a break from testing and crawl into a hole for a while? I totally lied. Whoops 😀 Anne posted a testing call for the Cicero Jacket and I applied on a whim – I’ve made a few Sofilantjes patterns before- and especially love the Domi Sweats and the Semper Sweater (affiliate links). The fit is perfect, the instructions are clear, and the style is unique and boy-friendly. I also like knowing that I am participating in a truly international sewing community (Sofilantjes is based in the Netherlands and offers all patterns in Dutch), but I appreciate that the patterns are available in English and include the seam allowances. Get your pattern in English here (affiliate link), for the release sale price of €5 through 2/13/17 6pm CST.

Right now James’s sizing is all over the place, so I assumed Anne wouldn’t have a need for a tester with a child that needs 18m in width, but 3y in length. This kid keeps growing up, buy not out and that is more than the typical adjusting that needs to be done. But I liked the style and options for the jacket and applied anyway. Lo and behold, Anne likes to test the limits of her patterns, and I was thrilled to be asked to test.

When I joined the testing group I was pleased to see that she had done extensive pre-testing so I felt comfortable jumping right in with my good fabric. I chose this summer sweat (french terry) Kapynen Textures from Jumping June Textiles for the main fabric, and cotton lycra Jumbo Grey Tags from RP Custom Knits for the accent. They coordinate beautifully, and work well with the style of the jacket. The Cicero includes 2 body style options with different pockets, 2 neck options (hood or collar), and 2 sleeve lengths. I was tasked to make Style A with the diagonal color-blocking and “top-loader” pockets with a collar and sleeve length of my choice. I was worried that doing the lengthening from 18m pattern pieces to the 3y length would affect how the color-blocking continued across the zipper, but I must have done my job right (and the pattern is well drafted) that it came together perfectly. This adjustment process is clearly defined in the pattern instructions, and though it took some time to lengthen each piece correctly, it came together perfectly. I could not be more pleased with how this turned out!


The pocket construction was quite different from anything I’ve tried before, so I ran through it a couple of times before I set any stitches. The instructions are really well-written, so don’t be afraid to dive right in!


I love this high collar! James, of course, has already requested a hoodie. 


The yoke across the back is a really nice way to show off coordinating fabrics. A few of the other testers added piping here and it’s very striking! 


I wish all my sleeves and armscyes fit as well as this. The sleeve is symmetrical (cut on the fold) but the armscye is asymmetrical which makes this a well-fitting, beautifully drafted pattern. I’m definitely going to be making a sleeveless hoodie for him next! 

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