BCWP 3: Ich Liebe Dich

Boys Can Wear Pink is officially my absolute favorite gig of the year! I’m so honored that my son and I have been able to participate in all three seasons so far, and I’m happy that James still loves to wear things that I make for him. Make sure you make it all the way to the bottom to find the DAILY GIVEAWAY from some of this season’s 32 (!) sponsors, and the other incredible makes from this year’s bloggers.

The past two years were cinema-inspired here (Great Gatsby and Point Break), but this year our theme focuses on heritage and family history. For Christmas this year James bought an Ancestry DNA kit for his Omi and we’re eagerly awaiting her results. We already know that he has a LOT of Swiss and German running through his veins, so here is our theme:


This year I’ve selected a mix of ALL GERMAN patterns. I’ve worked with non-English patterns before, and it’s generally not so scary once you get yourself familiar with how they work.

  • All measurements and instructions are metric rather than imperial. Either use the cm side of your measuring tape, or bookmark a handy conversion site (tip: if you search “in to cm”, google’s conversion tool is great)
  • Most patterns don’t include seam allowances. Look for the phrase “keine nahtzugaben enthalten” or something similar and that means seam allowances are not included and need to be added. If seam allowance is included that may be indicated by “zzgl incl”. Many patterns (like this raglan) have seam allowance included in some places (like the neckline) but not others, so you have to look closely at each pattern piece.
  • Because seam allowances generally aren’t included, there often aren’t separate pieces for color-blocking. Instead, the lines are drawn on the whole pattern piece, and each needs to be traced separately. This is great if you want to skip the color-blocking, but an added step if you want to go all out (that includes these pants)

When you sew with patterns that include lots of color-blocking, it is an opportunity to play with loud color and pattern mixing, stitching details, and fun accents. The Euro-style kids clothing market in particular tends to go over the top, and I love it! James’s Valentine’s Day outfit this year is our attempt to shout “ICH LIEBE DICH!” to all our loved ones ❤


The pants ended up fitting quite a bit more slim than I intended, but he’s SO skinny and long they still work perfectly

At 3 1/2 years old, James has surprised me by not expressing much of an opinion one way or another about his clothes or style. While he generally prefers superheroes, robots, and dinosaurs over anything else, his favorite colors change every day. He loves Vans, cowboy boots, and hiking boots equally. He knows the right hat for each adventure, hates neckties, and has a love-hate relationship with hoodies. His Dad tends to be much more conservative in terms of personal style than I am, so I confess that I sometimes let things go a little over the top to make sure James knows that’s an option if he wants it. Ultimately, all I really want is to be sure that when James starts to use style to express his individuality, he knows that I will be his greatest ally, advocate, and of course seamstress.

All patterns were purchased from Makerist.de – I encourage you to subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on Facebook because they frequently have great sales and freebies

Hat (Umbrella cap Calotte by Elfriede & Fridolin): Splatter Skulls from TKB Prints; underbrim is plaid from Piccadilly

Raglan Shirt (Raglan Longsleeve Smart-shirt by Muhküfchen): Main panel and back hearts print from Bug a Boo; plaid from Piccadilly

Pants (Trousers CutMix by Hefferli): Black sweatshirt fleece from PurpleSeamstress; plaid from Piccadilly; ministars from TKB Prints

Pictures taken at the Old Zoo in Griffith Park in Los Angeles


“Mommy, you’re my Red Sweetheart.” (He assigns sweetheart colors to his favorite people)


2 weeks ago this shed was covered in graffiti and debris- I was pretty disappointed to find it all painted over when we came back for pictures, but the superb lighting more than makes up for the loss of character.


I got a coverstitch machine for my birthday this year and EVERYTHING is getting top-stitched. Like, everything.


I truly love having the ability to make clothing customized to suit him perfectly.

Today’s Awesome Prize pack: 


Pattern of choice from Titchy Threads

$15 shop credit from Sofilantjes

Pattern of choice from Twig + Tale

Pattern of choice from Pickle Toes Patterns

Pattern of choice from stitchART

Mystery pack of fabric and three yard pre-order credit from Piccadilly

(bundles excluded)


Make sure you follow the complete tour!

Boys Can Wear Pink Tour dates:

Monday: Handmade Boy, Paisley Roots, Phat Quarters, Wild & Wanderful, Max CaliforniaMade by Jack’s Mum, Call Ajaire

Tuesday: Sew Sophie Lynn, Doodle Number 5, Beri Bee Designs, The Wholesome Mama

Wednesday: The Fairy Dust Bin, Creative Counselor, Pattern Revolution

Thursday: Crafty Like a Rox, Shaffer Sisters, Winter Wear Designs

Friday: Rebel & Malice, EYMM, The Berry Bunch, Tales of a Tester, F&B Creations



13 responses to “BCWP 3: Ich Liebe Dich

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  2. I bow down to you! I’ve yet to be adventurous enough to try any non-English patterns. But you’ve made it look so easy!

    This outfit is adorable. HE is adorable! The splatter skulls fabric on that hat is super cool. And it’s so cute that you’re his “red sweetheart”. What an honor, haha.

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