Catching Up – Again

I just realized it has been more than 6 months since my last post- that is shameful! I’ve left all sorts of things unresolved, including that promised safari brooch (the elements are in a bin under my guest bed); the Attack of the Puppet People review (I have most of the screenshots done, but no write-up), and all of the interim seasonal fashion reviews. I am possibly the worst blogger ever, but perhaps 2012 will be my year for improvement!

Since it is still January, I think it will be OK if I put down a few resolutions:

1. Shoot for generally 1 post each week- that means 2 movies a month, with a few side projects thrown in.

2. Better document my own sewing explorations. This year, I hope to conquer trousers, ribbon embroidery, a few heirloom techniques (guided by the Martha Pullen tome), and expand my expertise on buttonholes. And maybe explore leatherworking. And incorporate lingerie techniques into my everyday sewing. And experiment with corsetry. And…

3. Encourage more interaction amongst y’all and me. I would LOVE for this blog to become a forum of sorts for vintage sewing, specialty techniques, and general style.

So, that being said, let’s get to it!

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