Catching Up

I know it has been FOREVER since I’ve posted anything new- I apologize! And I hope to get back on track soon. I got word in mid-March that my husband and I are relocating to LA in June and I was quickly consumed by the demands of prepping our house for sale, getting it listed, sold, and closed. Plus packed, emptied, and moved. In six weeks I accomplished all that- which I think must be some kind of record, particularly in this market. We haven’t arrived in LA yet and all my stuff is in storage for now, which means I am a homeless,  dispossessed girl stuck in real estate limbo. Of course, I did keep my sewing machine with me…

Domino prepares for the voyage that will take us across the mighty Mississippi

I did manage to squeeze in a viewing of Butterfield 8, the only homage to Elizabeth Taylor that I could manage, but I have yet to get screenshots and build a post. I am also working on making a safari-themed brooch based on the nautical extravaganza Rita wore in The Lady From Shanghai- I am hoping to get pictures and a post written up soon. In the 3 weeks I have left before I take a cross-country road trip with just me and my two smelly dogs, I have 10 sewing projects that I am hoping to complete. Three are done- that leaves just 7! I will try to get those posted as well. None are particularly retro, but they are all stretchy, comfy, and hopefully LA-friendly.

I have a lot that I am looking forward to in my new home, including (hello?!?) the Fabric District, which I have explored in previous visits, but now I get to make myself an expert! And as a reward to myself for accomplishing so much in so little time, I am getting a new sewing machine! (I’m a BIG fan of positive reinforcement) Not top-of-the-line, but not a sad little sewer either. I am still deciding between the Bernina Aurora 430E and the Viking Topaz 30. Leaning towards the Topaz because of the amazingly cool sensor system and ridiculously smart presser foot functions. I like the Bernina because, well, it’s a Bernina. And (cue Celine Dion) it will go oooonnn. Other than the fabric fiesta awaiting me on the left coast, I am also eager to be moving somewhere I can garden year-round, have lots of outdoor walking/ hiking options for my dogs, and live closer to the beach than a 3-hour drive.

So, hopefully early next week, you can look forward to a finally completed how-to post for All About Eve (oops!), and a quick summary of my current sewing projects. I’m also working on a post from “Attack of the Puppet People” which is a terrible 1958 horror movie. It’s so obscure that non of the cast has photos on IMDB- but the ladies’ clothes are pretty fantastic. Thanks for your patience while my whole life is moved 2,675 miles.

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