Shameless Self-Promotion

So, I’m having a good time watching movies, researching patterns, doing my sewing, and writing this blog. Are you having a good time reading along? If so- subscribe to me, like me, forward me along to your friends who might enjoy this too! When I post a how-to post, go back to the original movie review post and see if I managed to capture the details that caught your eye. For the most part, in the movie reviews if you click on the pictures, the link will take you to a larger image. On the how-to posts the image links will take you straight to the maunfacturer’s pattern page or product source page (like Nordstrom or Bluefly). If you have questions or comments- post a comment and I promise I’ll respond. If there is a particular movie, era, actress, or style you want to see more of, let me know in the comments. If you need help finding sources for patterns, fabrics, techniques, notions- I love digging around and I would be happy to help. What I would really love is for this blog to become a forum or sorts for all of us to discuss the things we love, figure out how to make or wear new things, share sources and make new friends.

What you can look forward to in the next week or so: a more in-depth how-to on the metallic floral applique bodice from Gilda, a brief review of The Four Musketeers (1974), and a review and how-to of The Lady From Shanghai (1947, another Rita Hayworth); in the near future, some early Hitchcock films, a Fall 2011 preview from what’s walking down the runways right now, and I’m going to attempt to make the best cocktail dress ever, also from Gilda. So please- keep checking back for new stuff.

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