Hello world!

Welcome! This all started when I was experiencing the September 2009 issue of Harper’s Bazaar and I was overwhelmed by the malevolence that must have been behind their assertions that every woman belongs in pleated, slouchy, high-waisted trousers. I believe that our return to the 80s marks the beginning of a fashion apocalypse, and as the harbinger of evil, that makes HB the pale rider of death and destruction (hence the name, but palerider was already taken).

My plan here is to “live-blog” as I experience each issue of any given magazine. I promise to not be too contrived- whatever you read will be my real-time reactions to whatever I see on any page. I’ll give due credit to whatever issue I’m reading; I’ll probably name-drop designers, models, and photographers I couldn’t hope to ever know in person.  But I secretly (or not so secretly) lust after their wares. I may be offensive, it happens. So join in, be snarky with me, and have fun!

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